A tiny house of steel?

T-House O’Steel: A Quick Intro

This blog is dedicated to our search for an affordable, build-able life.

You can see our blog entries here.

In short:

  • T-House O’Steel is the specific result of precarious living as an artist and writer for the past, say, 20 years of sporadic employment, zero to little savings, and little hope of being able to get a mortgage.
  • T-House O’Steel is the kind of thing a guy or gal going through a mid-life crisis might do, though most guys & gals would buy a motorcycle or maybe go bungee jumping or something with more of an adrenaline rush.
  • T-House O’Steel is, simply put, what we’ve always wanted to do – to live inside the object of our own building.

3 thoughts on “A tiny house of steel?

  1. Love it…. You did a great job. I would like to try it also. What is the size of the trailer. And the dimensions of the steel building so I can get a cost estimate.thank you


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