All Fired Up

The Cubic Mini Wood stove installation is complete and it’s keeping everything toasty and warm! Especially for my wife and daughter, who often sit up in the loft to make comments as I work (sometimes those comments are: “It’s too hot in here!” even though it’s 20 degrees outside.)

One toasty Quebecer!
The installation was fairly straightforward once the decision was made on where to send the stovepipe through the roof (more on this in the previous post.) The good folks at Cubic Mini have created a fantastic piece of industrial design with their mounting bracket. It includes a heat shield that comes in four parts. Since we were placing the stove on the thick partition wall that will house the bathroom’s pocket sliding door, we had to bolt the bracket to the plywood instead of using screws. So far so good!


Now, with the stove solidly bolted to the partition wall, the stovepipe could be inserted through the hole. I sealed the gap against leaks with hi-temp silicone caulk.


Once we had the stovepipe solid and the bottom half of the cedar doughnut to counter the roof slope in place, the tiny wood stove was ready to crank out some heat! I was a little concerned with the proximity to the glass door, but the heat shield does a good job of preventing it from heating up too much. I’ll be adding some more of my own steel shields around it as the finishing progresses.

So far it’s been great being able to forage around for wood and warm up a freezing work day in the Tiny House of Steel with a hot little fire. My next tool purchase might have to be a chain saw. I’ve had my eye on some battery operated ones –

battery op chainsaw Can they do the job, or will this battery-operated saw stop working before I get the job done? If anyone out there working with one of these would like to comment, please let me know what you think! I’d love some input before I buy.

While we’re at it, someone posted a link to this blog on Reddit and suddenly we got a good deal of attention! It’s nice to be able to share all our hard work with folks who appreciate it. I would love to connect with more people who may have similar projects in the works. Feel free to email us at and let us know what you’re up to. We’d love to feature you on our blog.

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