Hanging on!!

As the youngest member of the Tiny House of Steel team tested out the capacity of the steel header for our loft, Julie and I set out installing the door and window that we purchased about a year ago from Restore which is run by Newburgh’s Habitat for Humanity. If ever you’re looking for excellent quality second-hand construction materials, AND you’re interested in helping revitalize your local volunteer-based neighborhood improvement/building program, Restore’s THE place. You could still see traces of the paint from the bevel siding that was installed against the door until somebody decided it wouldn’t do and donated it to the good folks at Habitat, but hey, for $120, I grabbed it. And a brand new window for $40? Can’t be beat.


I was planning to make a video of the whole installation and got caught up so as soon as it’s up I’ll post it here. In the meantime you can enjoy a little clip…


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