A header/the game

JM: So, how do you fit a 14 foot piece of steel in your tiny house on a balmy 33-degree Super Bowl Sunday? Very carefully, of course! It’s also a good thing the window isn’t yet installed because, well, just see for yourselves below:

I’d been waiting about 6 weeks for this 12 gauge 176 inch header to arrive special-order from the manufacturer (I blame post-election lethargy) while everything else was pretty much put on hold. Now I can begin working on the loft (bed) which will fit 3 (hopefully quiet) sleepers. I ended up adding some extra framing elements to hold this beastly piece of metal up after consulting my cousin (again) for his engineering expertise (also a good reason to share a nice glass of scotch over Skype.) Here he is explaining the forces acting upon the steel span and me, doing my best to understand.

The header is attached to the same framing elements that will hold up the finished walls and clears 72″ in height, so anyone over 6-feet better watch their coconut (I’m 5′ 10″, and the tallest person in our house.) That leaves 32 inches to the peak of the arch, which is just about enough room to sit up there for those who enjoy working on their laptops in bed.

Not an inch to spare! Okay, maybe one or two…


There’ll be a divider between the two sides and access to the loft…I’m still debating what that’ll be. I’d like to enter through a manhole cut out of the bottom with steps leading up that double as storage as I’ve seen in quite a few ingenious tiny home designs but am worried about taking up that loft space. It might just end up being a quick ladder run, which is always good exercise.

Something of a breakneck design

So many more decisions to make! But at least this major element is in and work can continue around it, as long as the temps continue to remain workable. Looking forward to spring!

3 thoughts on “A header/the game

  1. loving this project. I also had been playing with ideas on building a tiny house, but keeping it more lightweight than the traditional wood framed monsters I see all over the web. Very inspiring what your doing! What size trailer is that by the way?


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