A Little Intro

Here’s the story of our Tiny House of Steel


Here’s the story of our Tiny House of Steel PART 2!

This blog is dedicated to our search for an affordable, build-able life.

In short:

  • T-House O’Steel is the specific result of precarious living as an artist and writer for the past, say, 20 years.
  • T-House O’Steel is the kind of thing a guy or gal going through a mid-life crisis might do, though most guys & gals would buy a motorcycle or maybe go bungee jumping or something with more of an adrenaline rush.
  • T-House O’Steel is, simply put, what we’ve always wanted to do – to live inside the object of our own building.

5 thoughts on “A Little Intro

  1. Hello!!!! I’m looking into ways of going light also. Just to ask, what size trailer did you end up with and what expected weight are you shooting for?

    Cheers Rocky


    1. Hey Rocky. Thanks for your interest! The trailer is 16 x 8 feet. Weighs about 1000 lb. The Steelmaster kit weight about 800lbs. My truck (Toyota Tacoma 4cyl 4WD) can only pull 3500lb but I already burned out the clutch (it was old anyway). Still, think it’ll be time to upgrade soon. Let me know what you’re working on!



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