One year later…

JM: One good thing about not updating your blog for a year is that it really puts things into perspective. My idea for the T-House O’Steel has become “our” idea. See, there’s two of us involved here, Julie AND Jean-Marc. So, we decided that we’d continue this blog as a joint project, just as the tiny home of steel has been, pretty much all the way.

Where to pick up!! So much to say!

JC: A year ago, when JM decided to build a tiny home, word spread quickly through our small town of Beacon, NY. Beacon is the kind of place where you walk down the street to pick up some milk, and run into seven people you know. A 5-minute trip to the store can take a half hour of hellos. Only, last year, after friends and neighbors started to learn about the T-House O’Steel, the hellos turned into ‘are you going to live in that thing?’ I always answered ‘we’ll see.’ Inside, the real answer was ‘NO WAY!’

Over the course of a year, the frame and beams and windows have gone up, giving me a better perspective of what the space will look like inside. It’s breathtaking, really – high and long. From the outside, the silver of the frame from a distance reminds me of the old Airstream motor homes. The arc and curves are like sculpture.

How could I not live in something so beautiful?

There are many questions still to be answered in getting this T-House off the ground, to a place where it is really livable. Technical questions: of electricity and plumbing, of weight and moveability. Because it’s not a tiny home in the traditional sense: A small house permanently built on a piece of land, but rather a house we intend to drive from place to place, the logistics are a bit more complex. There remain many questions to address in the coming year(s).  Not least of which is, once built, can we move it off our friends’ (Bill and Itty) land?

There are also personal questions: Yes, two of us are writing here, but we are a family of three, with our daughter, Sam, age 10. I’m a writer by profession, the type of person who likes to be alone. Sam is high energy, a girl who does gymnastics in the house. JM enjoys playing his ukulele and singing at the top of his lungs. Will we kill each other one winter night if we’re stuck together in this thing? Will we each have enough privacy? Will there be enough room for our stuff?

This is the adventure that awaits us. I’m glad to be on board with this project, even if I’m not riding inside just yet.



3 thoughts on “One year later…

  1. You can stop anywhere, take your laptop out, pop open a card table and a folding chair, and just start writing. The ukelel and gymnastics can carry on inside. Or vice versa! The beauty of it is that when times get tough, you can pull up alongside a cafe in Anywhere,USA, put up a sign that says “Famous Author will write for a fee, sign books etc.” and make enough money to pay for a latte and a scone.

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