Making (slow) progress…

IMG_5166IMG_5167So the Steelmaster building came with a bucket of about 1500 bolts. And nuts. Anybody who’s in a hurry to get something like this done is just…well, nuts. Bolt by bolt, dancing around on this ladder I can’t help thinking of what my wife Julie does for a living, assembling a novel, word by word, sentence by sentence – a task so voluminous that to even attempt to think of it in its entirety is enough to frighten you into giving up.

Which is pretty much what I feel like doing whenever I glance over at this bucket. I think, really?? Every? Single? One?

I’m reminded of Pete Seeger spreading the spiritual “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize.” Pete & Toshi Seeger  built their own home in this city of Beacon and I think of how many people they’ve inspired, this Grandy home maker included. And that inspiration rings a message clear as a bell: it says “Hold on.”


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