First arch up!!!


IMG_5101Finally got some dryer weather this weekend which meant TinyHo’Steel time! Me and my biggest T-House O’Steel fans didn’t waste any time to get to work!

Such a great feeling to finally see this thing up even if it was just a dry run. I’ll continue assembling the arches until they all ready and caulked together at which point I should be ready to assemble the whole thing together. Hopefully it won’t be snowing by then!!


FullSizeRender_4So how does this work? The SteelMaster design is quite ingenious. Here’s a close up of the base plate connector which was a bit wider (8′ 5″) than the trailer frame (8′). The base plate is bolted through a pressure-treated board to the underside of the trailer floor boards and steel frame edges.


I had to level out the boards of the trailer bed with the sander to get the base plate to sit nicely on the frame. Then, once the arches are assembled, they can be lifted and connected to the base plate (with the help of my trusty team.)

Here’s a little video of us putting some of the arches together:



One thought on “First arch up!!!

  1. You’ve got a kid working on that thing? And it’s a girl? Wow, I’m impressed! Hey, what kind of toilet does it have, or do you just pee outside?


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