How did I get myself into this?

IMG_5041So, apparently we had a hurricane last night. This is what the T-House O’Steel looks like so far. It’s at times like these when I’m reminded of what a long, hot, dry summer we’ve had in Beacon, New York. It’s also a time when all I can do is step back and look at what I’ve done and ask – how did I get myself into this whole thing?


I’ve mentioned my love for the trailer. This is pretty much how I felt when we finally picked it up back in the beginning of September. If it has ever been possible to be so in love with an inanimate object, I sheepishly want to confess my adulation for this trailer. Though I know it’s wrong, shallow, possibly fetishistic or idolatrous, I want to admit to feeling so blissfully content at just looking at it with the kind of love only a sailor could feel for a ship. Though I know as much about auto mechanics as I do about sailing (not much), it’s not just the square galvanized steel tubing and electric brakes that get me excited – it’s the dream it sparks in me every time I glance at this thing. I’d like to think that it’s not just a golden calf on chrome wheels that I’m worshiping, but instead it’s something that is beyond what could be created by human hands – Isn’t that what dreams are made of?


2 thoughts on “How did I get myself into this?

    1. Thanks, Woof. So far I know of two other people who I’d love to share the Grandy home with though plans for the interior will have to wait until the exterior is finished. There will be room for a loft bed so things are gonna be very comfy for sure! Stay tuned!


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