Why a tiny house of steel?


An early rough Sketchup design of the tiny house of steel

So when I was invited to an outdoor sculpture exhibition in Newburgh, NY called Glen Lily Grounds, I offered to parade around my new trailer loaded with my disassembled SteelMaster building and to my surprise, people loved it! After fielding curious onlookers’ questions all weekend long I decided it was time to finally put this out there: I’M BUILDING THIS THING!!

SO…What exactly is this tiny house of steel (T-House O’Steel!) thing…?

  • T-House O’Steel is the specific result of precarious living as an artist and writer for the past, say, 20 years.
  • T-House O’Steel is the kind of thing a guy or gal going through a mid-life crisis might do, though most guys & gals would buy a motorcycle or maybe go bungee jumping or something with more of an adrenaline rush.
  • T-House O’Steel is, simply put, what we’ve always wanted to do – to live inside the object of our own building.

Here’s our story with a little music to go along with it:


Below, T-House of Steel set up at Glen Lily Grounds as part of Newburgh Open Studios



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